Build chat with PubNub SDKs

PubNub Chat SDKs are built on top of the core PubNub Network, a globally distributed Data Stream Network with 15+ points of presence across the globe with response times of <100ms and 99.999% uptime guarantees.

Get started

Get started by using sample apps with pre-built chat features.


Play with interactive chat demos that feature different chat types and use cases.

Sample apps

View GitHub sources of sample chat apps built with PubNub SDKs.


Read about features offered by PubNub SDKs:

  • Users - Set up an account and manage user metadata, permissions, presence, and mentions.
  • Channels - Learn about channel names, types, subscriptions, and memberships.
  • Messages - Manage real-time, historical, and unread messages. Handle files, reactions, and events.
  • Push Notifications - Integrate mobile devices with 3rd party push services (FCM or APNs) to trigger push notifications.
  • Moderation - Moderate messages for profanity and spam. Flag messages, ban or mute users.
  • Integrations - Monitor content and images, add on-the-fly translation, chatbots, GIFs and stickers libraries.
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