Enables Engagement Between Creators and Fans

monad uses PubNub to power chat for their subscription live streaming music community.

With PubNub, monad:

  • Facilitates an authentic and engaging experience between artists and their fans. 

  • Powers their real-time chat with custom stickers. 

  • Can operate in real time without message delays. Enables Engagement Between Creators and Fans

“One of the main reasons why we chose PubNub is because chat is such a critical component of our platform so it has to work well. We trust that PubNub will be able to operate in real time.”

-Brett Hawkins, Co-Founder and CEO at monad

Meet monad

Founded as a way for creators to own and monetize their content, monad is a membership-based live streaming community where artists can authentically connect with their fans. 

Their platform provides a way for artists to deliver exclusive content to their community, which is called a ‘Circle’. In a ‘Circle’, artists can host live performances, directly engage with their fans, and most importantly, generate revenue. From unique at-home performances to virtual DJ sets, monad creates a social experience around live streamed performances, archived content, and social interactions. 

To help facilitate this intimate and engaging experience through chat, monad relies on PubNub. 

Choosing a reliable chat solution 

Before building with PubNub, monad’s platform was primarily handled through a WordPress plugin. Brett Hawkins, Co-Founder and CEO, at monad knew that moving forward they would need an infrastructure that could support them as they continue to evolve their platform. 

After evaluating different solutions and speaking with our dedicated team of experts, monad saw value in PubNub as a long-term chat solution that would be able to provide them with the flexibility they needed to customize chat and add new features as they grow. 

For Hawkins and his team, having the guidance from our Solution Architects and engineering teams was incremental to getting up and running. They were able to receive the support and solutions that they needed to build the way they want, which was ultimately why they chose PubNub as a partner.  

“The onboarding support was the determining factor in why we chose PubNub,” said Hawkins. “From initial onboarding to the launch of our product, we didn't see that level of support with any other solution.” 

Creating authentic fan connections that enable retention

Now, monad uses PubNub to power chat alongside a live streamed video during performances—fostering a personal dialogue between an artist and their fans in real time. 

“PubNub facilitates this comfortable, safe space for people to talk to one another through chat,” said Hawkins. Using their platform, artists are able to host recurring daily and weekly events as often as they want, where they can directly communicate with their audience during a performance. On top of that, fans can live chat with one another on the monad platform, keeping them entertained and invested in the live streaming experience—which enables retention on their platform. 

Additionally with PubNub, monad is able to build custom stickers on their platform, which can then be sent in real time through their chat. This takes the conversation one step further by providing a personalized way for users to express themselves. And because monad aims to create genuine relationships within the music community, these features encourage this by presenting a fun and meaningful way to communicate beyond just chat. 

Powering engaging live streaming experiences without message delays or latency issues

Since deploying chat with PubNub, monad is able to deliver a real-time chat experience without being concerned about message delays or latency issues. This engaging, two-way communication creates an exciting experience for both the artist and their fans where they feel more connected to their community. 

This is also critical for Hawkins and his team, as they can prioritize innovating their platform with new and exciting features instead of worrying about maintaining reliability on the backend. “One of the main reasons why we chose PubNub is because chat is such a critical component of our platform so it has to work well, ''said Hawkins. We trust that PubNub will be able to operate in real time.” 

If you would like to learn how PubNub can help you get up and running with a reliable chat solution—get in touch with our team of experts.