Josh Talks Instills Confidence in English Language Learners

Josh Talks uses PubNub to power direct and group chat at scale, increasing time spent in-app and customer retention.

With PubNub, Josh Talks:

  • Saved on development time and cost compared to building from scratch in-house.

  • Effortlessly scales their real-time chat to meet the demands of over 5x growth they’ve seen in the last year.

  • Has increased time spent in-app by 12% since bringing on our platform.

Josh Talks Instills Confidence in English Language Learners

Meet Josh Talks

As one of the leading upskilling startups in India, Josh Talks empowers individuals to have more confidence in their spoken English. Through online learning content and daily practice sessions with peers, users can learn, network, and communicate with each other throughout their shared upskilling journeys. 

Given the diversity of customers that use their app, Josh Talks realized they needed a partner that would allow them to quickly optimize their offering to better serve users across different locations, languages, and devices in real time. 

To help accomplish this, Josh Talks turned to PubNub. 

Reducing development time and costs 

When Josh Talks began to experience usage spikes in Practice Partner Calling, a popular feature allowing users to speak with each other on the platform, their team quickly saw that they needed a reliable infrastructure that would work flawlessly to support user base growth. 

“100,000 minutes were being spent by our users every single day”, said Harsh Gupta, Head of Tech & Product at Josh Talks. “Given how important this feature was for us, it’s necessary that it works flawlessly and provides the lowest possible connection times for our users.”

After experimenting with other vendors for real-time chat, they found that building with PubNub allowed them to save on development time and cost compared to building from scratch in-house. “PubNub’s real-time communication tech is state of the art, which serves as the backbone for many of our features,” said Gupta. 

Now by partnering with PubNub, Josh Talks is able to easily power direct and group chat at scale, as well as push notifications to promote deeper in-app engagement among users. For Josh Talks, this has been essential for facilitating an interactive learning environment where users can collaborate in real time to improve their spoken English skills.   

Scaling effortlessly to accommodate rapid growth

Since making the switch to PubNub, Josh Talks hasn’t had to worry about concurrency problems or latency issues. They are able to effortlessly scale chat to meet the demands of over 5x growth they’ve seen in the last year. 

“PubNub is a lot more reliable than other options,” said Gupta. “It provides much better uptime, which creates a better user experience for our customers and thus makes our job easier.” This has provided Gupta and his team peace of mind, allowing them to focus on innovating their app instead of maintaining a real-time infrastructure. 

Additionally, Gupta credits this reliable and consistent user experience for playing a major role in increasing time spent in-app and retention. In fact, users are now spending 12% more time in the Practice Partner Calling feature since it has become bug-free. Having faster call connection times and higher rates of delivery for notifications together make a much more intuitive user experience for Josh Talks users.

Delivering a high-quality user experience

In PubNub, Josh Talks has found a reliable partner that enables them to scale the key features of their app to help customers learn, practice, and improve spoken English. 

Looking to the future, Josh Talks is excited to broaden its reach and offer learning content across more subject matters in India. And with the help of PubNub, they are energized to expand their app capabilities as they continue to grow. “We started with simple real-time chat and now PubNub powers our most loved feature,” said Gupta. “In the future, we are excited to try out additional use cases for real-time communication.”

If you would like to learn how PubNub can help you build chat and additional real-time features faster, sign up for a free trial today.