Uses PubNub Functions for Global IoR Network Uses PubNub Functions for Global IoR Network
The biggest value PubNub provides is the ability to maintain laser-focus on our customer’s needs. Our team is never distracted by performance issues, real-time infrastructure, or any facets of our global IoR network. Avoiding engineering distractions is priceless. Continual focus on real-time innovation; also priceless. Bill French Chief Architect is a development platform for rapid delivery of IoR (Internet of Recognition) solutions that brings IoT into the IoR by allowing precision facial, voice, and vehicle recognition for analytical purposes. Google’s Firebase first helped shape the platform architecture. At the time, had also managed data integration through
and sockets-level development, but the need to build every aspect of the data streaming process proved to be costly, representing “a significant investment in design, development, and testing effort,” says Bill, “We needed to find a solution that would abstract our work away from the tedium of building a real-time network.” Internet of Recognition

From Firebase to PubNub discovered PubNub while researching faster ways to transform event data into visualization-ready data, and decided it was the ideal low-latency communications infrastructure for moving video and other IoR analytics recognition events through and on to each customer’s real-time dashboard. Another key requirement was the ability of PubNub’s
to provision and manage access keys, channels, and functions; this is critical because much of the platform utilizes automated processes to achieve high-velocity change management.
Even with just a few developers we’ve been able to create complex solutions to meet a variety of customer requirements. Most development projects require less than a week to get to a production-ready solution with PubNub.
PubNub is also being used within server nodes to provide real-time data conveyance between server processes; similar to how Amazon’s Echo device uses the Alexa voice recognition platform to transform speech into JSON payloads,’s voice recognition service Galaxy leverages PubNub to effectuate real-time response to voice requests and commands. Looking forward, PubNub
has paved the road to seamless data integration with enterprise platforms such as Microsoft Azure Hub and IBM’s Bluemix, recently becoming an integral aspect of’s voice recognition support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
PubNub makes it possible to think outside the box and the entire universe.

Closing Remarks

Bill left a few tips for other developers and architects starting out with PubNub:
  1. Leverage the PubNub APIs to achieve seamless automation for building and deploying functions. We did this early on and it has paid great dividends. We even built a custom text editor designed specifically for building and deploying functions.
  2. Don’t stop at the obvious use case for PubNub; explore new real-time differentiators in your products and services.
  3. Pay for the base tier right away; it’ll make your efforts so much easier to manage and build experiments.