Felix Digital Makes Watching Live Sports More Social

Felix Digital uses PubNub to provide real-time chat, reliably and at scale, in their live score app.
Felix Digital Makes Watching Live Sports More Social

With PubNub, Felix Digital:

  • Accelerated their time to market, saving them 4 months of development time.

  • Has the flexibility to build chat and customize their app to match their specific needs. 

  • Can easily scale their chat to support the growth and demand they’ve seen in the last three months.

Felix Digital Makes Watching Live Sports More Social

Meet Felix Digital

Felix Digital is a Malaysia-based digital software company focused on delivering the best user experience for their customers. They design and build products tailored to their customers' needs, enabling them to make better business decisions. 

Their latest development includes a new live score app that encourages fans to interact and cheer on their favorite teams. They offer real-time scores, match analysis, and live chat to ensure that users feel connected with their fellow sports enthusiasts. 

Because creating an engaging fan experience is so essential to their app, Felix Digital knew they needed a partner that would allow them to quickly build chat—and that’s where PubNub comes in.  

Saving development time and cost with a reliable solution

Before switching over to PubNub, Felix Digital had considered building in-app chat in house, but ultimately decided that doing so would require a significant amount of developer time and resources. 

In searching for a reliable solution that would accelerate their time to market, a Tech Lead at Felix Digital recommended PubNub as a solution. From there, they were able to easily get up and running with chat in less than a month using PubNub’s documentation. 

“Instead of building the system from scratch, integrating PubNub has reduced our workload and maintenance time significantly,” said Xue, Project Manager at Felix Digital. In fact, by relying on PubNub’s infrastructure instead of building chat in-house, they were able to save 4 months of development time. 

Now that Felix Digital has a reliable backend system in place, Xue and his team can seamlessly add the features and functionality that their users require without having to spend additional time, cost, and resources to maintain their app. 

Driving user engagement and retention through interactive features

Since implementing chat, Xue and his team have also found that they can quickly and easily enhance their app with features such as mobile notifications, to share real-time updates for scores during live sporting events. 

“A chat room helps create a more interactive user experience, and having PubNub means that we can also create new functions which we find useful as we continue to iterate our application,” said Xue. These real-time capabilities provide a fun and immersive fan experience where users feel truly connected to their sports community, as if they were sitting side-by-side and interacting with their friends. 

In addition to creating engaging in-app chat, Felix Digital utilizes PubNub functions for a chat filter and sending signals to ban users. As a result, this helps keep their community protected and safe from unwanted content so that sports fans can remain excited as they engage with one another from around the world.  

Easily scaling chat to support growth   

As a live score application, being able to easily scale their chat to handle spikes in usage is crucial for Felix Digital. But by relying on PubNub, they have peace of mind knowing that they can build without concurrency limits to accommodate the increased traffic they have seen, growing from 100,000 to 200,000 users in just 3 months. 

“The best thing about PubNub is that it’s easy to integrate and easily scalable,” said Xue. “We’ve been able to save time, money, and ultimately build what we want.” 

If you would like to learn more about how PubNub can help you build interactive in-app chat at scale, try our APIs for free