BrightSpring Health Services Creates a Connected Workplace

BrightSpring uses PubNub to deliver HIPAA-compliant chat and secure messaging functionality in their employee communication app.

With PubNub, BrightSpring:

  • Reliably powers the messaging infrastructure in their employee app—they’ve never experienced an outage with PubNub. 

  • Provides HIPAA-compliant chat to keep employee communication secure. 

  • Has increased app usage by 18% in the last year.

BrightSpring Health Services Creates a Connected Workplace

“PubNub is magic. We don't even have to think about PubNub, it just works.”

- Leigh White, Vice President of Communications and PR at BrightSpring

Meet BrightSpring Health Services

BrightSpring Health Services is a leading provider of home-and community-based pharmacy and health services focused on delivering quality care for patients and clients. They offer comprehensive and specialized care and clinical services for people in need of specialized treatment or chronic care, including pharmacy, home health care, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and family and youth services.

With a “quality first” framework, they are dedicated to providing better clinical outcomes through investments in technology for patients and their employees. As a way to ensure continuous safety and improvements across their organization, they turned their focus to developing a mobile app named OUTREACH for their employees.

Rather than spending time trying to build and maintain their own infrastructure from scratch, BrightSpring decided that they wanted to partner with a reliable platform to power the HIPAA-compliant communication across their workforce app—and that’s where PubNub comes in. 

Reaching healthcare professionals with HIPAA-compliant chat 

BrightSpring leverages PubNub for HIPAA-compliant chat in their employee app, OUTREACH, ensuring secure workplace communication between coworkers. While in-app, employees at all levels can share information without worrying about whether conversations or information is secure, enabling open communication across their healthcare organization. 

Additionally, the OUTREACH app allows individuals to access secure information such as payroll, and a company directory that gives employees the ability to celebrate the achievements of their colleagues, all in the palm of their hand. 

For BrightSpring, having a messaging infrastructure to power this HIPAA-compliant communication has been vital for improving the employee experience and daily workplace communication. “For a lot of our employees, email is not their preferred method of communication,” said Leigh White, Vice President of Communications and PR at BrightSpring. “OUTREACH allows people to chat back and forth on the go.” In fact, White notes that their app usage has increased by 18% in the last year. 

Securing digital employee communication

When the concept of OUTREACH originally came about, it was designed to primarily reach employees that were not active on their company email as a way to securely push messages to them on their mobile devices. For instance, in just 2022 alone, 38% of employees who use the OUTREACH app do not have company email. 

“The app is only available to employees so we needed a robust solution that would allow us to set specific user permissions,” said White.

With PubNub plugged into their backend, employees can securely access the app on their mobile devices for visibility into workplace culture and internal communications. Having this functionality in place is critical for BrightSpring, as it allows for secure back and forth data flow every day, guaranteeing that employees who come into or leave into the organization are recognized and their information is protected. 

Alongside app security, building with a reliable provider has also relieved the burden of having to maintain this infrastructure in-house for their team. “PubNub is magic,” White states. “We don't even have to think about PubNub, it just works.”

Investing in technology to improve the employee experience

Since using PubNub, BrightSpring has never experienced an outage. This confidence in continuous reliability no matter how many users are in-app instills peace of mind for White and her team as they never have to worry about disruptions caused by high usage. 

“With PubNub, I've never had an issue where the feed isn't working or something is broken,” said White.”It just always works so well.”

In PubNub, BrightSpring has found a partner that allows them to power the HIPAA-compliant chat and secure messaging functionality in their employee communication app. If you would like to learn more about how PubNub can help you build a healthcare app with built-in security and compliance, sign up for a free account.