See how 17LIVE Fosters Memorable Streaming Experiences

See how 17LIVE leverages PubNub for chat, creating an engaging live stream experience between creators and fans.
See how 17LIVE Fosters Memorable Streaming Experiences

With PubNub, 17LIVE:

  • Decreased development time and costs by switching to a reliable solution. 

  • Powers engaging live streaming experiences with real-time chat and notifications.

  • Can scale effortlessly and work in real time to deliver a great user experience.

See how 17LIVE Fosters Memorable Streaming Experiences

“Our platform members can now interact and communicate with each other better after engaging PubNub for global chat and notifications.” Sammy Lin, Engineering Director at 17LIVE

Meet 17LIVE

Founded in 2015, 17LIVE is on a mission to empower creators and entertain the world. From music to comedy and gaming, 17LIVE enables creators to express and showcase their talents and passions to a global audience. 

While on the platform, fans can interact directly with creators through chat or support their favorite streamers or creators by sending digital gifts, creating an exciting live stream experience for both creators and their fans. 

Because their platform must be able to scale globally to support high usage, they knew they needed a reliable solution that could handle any amount of traffic, which is why 17LIVE turned to PubNub. 

Reducing build time with a seamless onboarding process

In the early days of building out their platform, 17LIVE initially started with its own in-house communication solution. But as their user base grew, messaging volume in their trivia function began to exceed expectations, which is what led them to switch over to a real-time solution. 

During the onboarding process, Sammy Lin, Engineering Director at 17LIVE, found PubNub’s quick response times and customer service invaluable. “Unlike other support services which take a long time to respond after we reach out, PubNub immediately assigned an Account Manager who is fluent in Mandarin (as our engineers are mainly based in Taiwan) once we showed interest,” said Lin.

Lin also credits PubNub’s easy-to-use documentation and APIs for a seamless transition. “This ensured a smooth onboarding process as we knew where to start, who to look for if we had questions, and the response times were almost immediately,” said Lin.

Delivering engaging live streaming experiences without user limits

Using PubNub, 17LIVE can now create live stream chat and notifications at scale to make viewers feel connected to creators and their fellow community members. 

“We were working on how to let members communicate better during live streams, as well as offline and via integrations,” said Lin. “Our platform members in groups, also known as the “army”, can now interact and communicate with each other better.” Having these avenues to communicate within the 17LIVE platform has led to deeper connections among members, which has increased customer loyalty and user engagement.

Since switching to powering their chat with PubNub, 17LIVE is confident that their operations can scale and work in real time to handle user traffic of any amount during live events. “We don’t need to worry about the increase of users and scaling,” said Lin. 

This reliability is crucial for 17LIVE because it allows them to focus on delivering a great user experience without the burden of maintaining a real-time infrastructure. 

Quickly adapting to accommodate growth

As 17LIVE grows its business through the expansion of its live stream communities, this more extensive user base entails bigger support requirements. 

Looking ahead, Lin and his team are excited to partner with PubNub even further to enhance the user experience and increase customer engagement in their live streaming platform. “Our overall experience with PubNub support is amazing and we look forward to working more closely with the PubNub team to build a better 17LIVE platform,” said Lin.

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