PubNub Functions Lets Developers Go Serverless!

Aug 9, 2017

Announcing PubNub Functions - a globally distributed, low latency, serverless microservices infrastructure, delivering <10ms time to first line.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - August 9, 2017 - PubNub, the company behind the world’s leading real-time Data Stream Network (DSN), today announced the general availability of PubNub Functions. PubNub Functions is serverless compute at the edge of the network, which executes business logic on data in motion. PubNub Functions is immensely powerful, yet easy to use. With the click of a button, each Function is deployed globally to every Point-of-Presence (POP) in the network with a guaranteed < 10ms time-to-execute. Unlike other serverless infrastructures, PubNub Functions is specifically designed for short-running, low-latency computation that’s required for today’s real-time apps.   what-is-a-pubnub-function-serverless “Real-time software requires rethinking aspects of your application stack.  PubNub Functions delivers a top-to-bottom global stack for collaboration, IoT, and other real-time applications.” said Todd Greene, PubNub Founder and CEO. “Now developers can focus on building apps, not infrastructure. PubNub Functions brings unprecedented levels of productivity to developers, while being the fastest and most scalable serverless environment in the world. PubNub Functions are deployed globally to each edge node within the PubNub Data Stream Network, not to a single datacenter. Functions are backed by PubNub’s 99.999% uptime service level agreements, scale as needed and you only pay per execution. Unlike many stateless compute environments, PubNub Functions comes complete with a global Key/Value store for keeping application state in high performance, globally-scaled environments. With Functions, developers and businesses can set their sights on building and enhancing the application experience instead of focusing on the web infrastructure required to run it. With the ability to deploy secure Functions and REST endpoints in the network through a click of a button, developers can quickly:
  • Transform, filter, aggregate, and re-route data with custom business logic
  • Deploy secure REST endpoints instantly
  • Develop chatbots and advanced chat functionality such as @mentions and language translation in a few lines of code
  • Integrate 3rd party services for things like sentiment analysis, geolocation, and machine learning
HubSpot, a leading cloud-based marketing and sales platform, uses the PubNub Data Stream Network to power real-time experiences for customers and employees including chat, real-time notifications and alerts, collaboration, dynamic dashboards and syncing of changes across all users and devices. PubNub Functions is also used to make external requests to HubSpot’s internal systems for analytics purposes. "PubNub is our platform of choice for building highly reliable real-time experiences - it is developer friendly, scalable and feature-rich. PubNub Functions provides a serverless environment to quickly build your code, get to production faster and create the best possible experience for our users", said Kerry Munz, Director of Engineering, Platform Infrastructure. PubNub Functions was also put to the test at the NY Dev Week Hackathon, where developers were challenged to build chatbots to solve a civic issue. The winning app - Smart Grocer - built by Nicholas Murray, a student at Washington University, enabled people living in low income areas to locate the closest store to find nutritious food at the lowest price. “With PubNub and Functions, I was able to build the entire chatbot app without the need of any other infrastructure and get a quality MVP done in hours.”  said Nicholas Murray.

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