PubNub, EdTech Companies Improving Collaboration, Engagement

Mar 2, 2016
PubNub, the world’s leading Data Stream Network for IoT, mobile and web apps, announced today that it is bringing the power of real-time technology to thousands of students, parents and teachers in classrooms around the world. With PubNub, developers from over 60 education technology companies such as ClassDojo, Curriculet, Treehouse and more, have been able to quickly and easily create engaging, collaborative and effective learning apps for the home and classroom. Why EdTech Companies Are Choosing PubNub By shifting the hosting and delivery to software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider PubNub, education technology companies can move their focus to developing compelling apps for teachers and students and away from building and maintaining real-time infrastructure. This means that developers are able to bring new, collaborative apps and features to market in a matter of days and weeks instead of months – and at a much lower ongoing cost. With more than 2,000 customers and partners, PubNub is currently averaging more than 1.8 trillion real-time transactions per month on over 330 million unique devices worldwide. The 99.999% reliability and global scalability are of critical importance to fast-growing companies in the EdTech space. How EdTech Companies are Using PubNub and Real-time Technology PubNub customer ClassDojo is consistently ranked one of the top 10 education apps in the Apple App Store. Recognizing that teachers can spend up to 40 percent of their time managing student behavior rather than teaching, ClassDojo created a classroom management tool that allows teachers to give students points for good behavior or subtract points for bad behavior. Points can be displayed in real time to students and parents via a web or mobile device. Prior to PubNub, ClassDojo found that 50 percent of users couldn’t use internet-based classroom management tools due to incompatibility with outdated school networks. ClassDojo chose PubNub so they would not have to deal with network security and browser compatibility, as PubNub already had built-in support for securely communicating through even the toughest network and firewall configurations. “We didn’t know whether we should hire people to build and maintain our own data stream network and whether we’d have to increase the size of our IT team,” said Liam Don, co-founder and CTO of ClassDojo. “While real-time was an absolute requirement for our business, we quickly determined that it was not a business challenge that we should have to solve. PubNub was the perfect solution for us.” “Real-time technology has become an industry imperative for EdTech and we’re excited to see so much growth in this market,” said Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub. “Our customers are leveraging PubNub’s Data Stream Network and revolutionizing how we learn.” Other EdTech companies using PubNub’s Data Stream Network and real-time features include: Curriculet – PubNub enables Curriculet to deliver customized, Common Core aligned learning; digitally create and share curriculum and lesson materials; and track student mastery of literacy skills in real time. EdCast – EdCast Knowledge Networks uses PubNub to enable millions of lifelong learners at Fortune 500 companies, governments and associations, to set and reach their learning and career goals in a learning environment that is social, engaging and fun. Luvo – PubNub allows Luvo to provide college students with immediate access to online tutors and student-created, course-specific study materials they need to achieve academic success. Socrative - Socrative uses PubNub to allow teachers to conduct real-time quizzes, produce real-time reports based on student feedback, and create personal networks to share resources and assessments with other teachers in real time. Treehouse -- PubNub enables Treehouse teachers and proctors to engage with students in real time when they take a code challenge to validate that they mastered the content. For more information on how other PubNub is helping customers across Ed Tech and other verticals bring the power of real-time to mobile and web apps please visit About PubNub PubNub is a secure global Data Stream Network (DSN) and easy-to-use API that enables its customers to connect, scale, and manage real-time applications and IoT devices. With over 70 SDKs for every platform, 250ms worldwide data transfer times, and scalability for hundreds of millions of devices, PubNub’s unique infrastructure provides the ability to easily connect and operate world-class real-time applications and IoT devices. PubNub is headquartered in San Francisco. Visit PubNub online at, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Facebook.