Ways to enhance workforce management using digital literacy

Jul 9, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic managed to disrupt just about everything, almost always for the worse. But there is one important area where its impact may turn out to be lasting and beneficial. Computer science and related classes in digital technology were among the most popular courses at secondary and higher education institutions across the country, ranging all the way from public vo-ed training schools to the most prestigious ivy league universities. Their popularity is not surprising. Until about a generation ago, liberal arts formed the core curricula of most post-secondary education. However, a combination of social, cultural, and financial developments gradually pushed students and their parents to make more pragmatic choices and seek out more career-oriented studies. Among the more practical courses of study colleges offered, those related to careers in digital technology seemed especially promising. That turned out to be a prescient choice because, over the years, its promise was more than fulfilled as organizations of every sort gradually transitioned toward digital operation and management.