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on May 26, 2020
With Two Hat, we’ve forged an opportunity to reduce negative or disruptive behavior, improve experiences, and protect users, regardless of your scale.

As our next step in making it easy to build engaging, rich in-app chat, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Two Hat. Today, we’re bringing their AI-powered, real-time content moderation to you via PubNub Integrations. At the core of this partnership are integrations with Two Hat’s Community Sift and Sift Ninja, offering two ways to start removing bad language, unwanted behavior, and actors from your communities. 

For those building chat on PubNub, profanity filtering is a common and important feature. It’s vital for community health, especially as user traffic climbs and manual moderation becomes difficult or impossible.

Regulations and app store policies require profanity filtering, and it’s table-stakes for any product or service used by children or families. For eLearning, high-occupancy live events, and games, content moderation and filtering plays a key role in ensuring happy users and healthy communities.

Two Hat enables powerful filtering and content moderation through Sift Ninja and Community Sift. Community Sift is an AI-powered, all-in-one content moderation platform that filters, classifies, reports, and escalates online harms in real-time for medium to enterprise sized businesses. Meanwhile, Sift Ninja is a simple, yet powerful profanity filter designed for smaller services, apps, and games.

Community Sift: Enterprise-level AI-powered content moderation platform

Our newest integration allows you to easily incorporate Community Sift into any app that uses PubNub. Two Hat’s Community Sift automatically identifies and removes instances of harm like bullying, harassment, hate speech, adult content, and other disruptive behavior from your app. More than just a profanity filter, Two Hat’s Community Sift platform includes:

  • Automated text, username, image and video classification and moderation

  • Patented User Reputation System

  • 20 global languages built by native speakers

  • Automated classification, triage, and moderation of reported content

  • Content queues and escalation for human moderation

Two Hat-Community Sift-Diagram

A diagram showing how Two Hat's Community Sift filters negative material from your app.

Sift Ninja: Simple, powerful profanity filtering

Our second integration lets anyone access simple but powerful profanity filtering using Sift Ninja, which is perfect for in-app chat and comments.

Also powered by Two Hat, Sift Ninja is the world's smartest profanity filter for all social platforms. Powered by the same robust content classifiers as Two Hat’s Community Sift, think of Sift Ninja as “Community Sift Lite,” or “Community Sift for Startups.” Sift Ninja includes our top profanity filters (PII, vulgarity, sexting, and racism) to automatically filter the worst content.

The Sift Ninja integration lets you build this functionality into your PubNub chat, allowing you to monitor and filter unmoderated content in real time, without slowing your service or worrying about backend infrastructure. For example, if you have a chat app or a public forum, you can automatically moderate and filter published messages before they reach end users.


Diagram showing how Two Hat's Sift Ninja works with your app.

A joint commitment to healthy communities

If your app has chat, it can’t get on the App Store without profanity filtering. But, this basic requirement isn’t the only reason we care about protecting users from harm. Across the largest social networks and sites, blocking harmful content from public view has become a major issue. Internet services connect society, and allow us as individuals to maintain essential relationships-- especially during COVID-19. Yet, the spaces we share online can be toxic, and as those spaces see higher traffic, it’s more important than ever that protections are put in place to ensure a positive, healthy experience for all.

PubNub powers apps that, at their heart, are all about connecting users. From multiplayer chat, to virtual classrooms and live events, our most popular use-cases are those that bring people together.

We think it’s vital that our customers, and their end users, have easy access to best-in-class tools to protect their communities. That’s where Two Hat comes in. Two Hat are experts in AI-powered content moderation and profanity filtering, so partnering with them to create a robust offering just makes sense.

PubNub Functions: Fast and flexible

We’ve designed PubNub to be as flexible as possible, letting you work with the tools that give you the best results, rather than do things solely “our way.” One of the key aspects of this flexibility are PubNub Functions, which power all of our integrations. 

Functions enable the creation and execution of business logic on messages at the edge of the network. PubNub Functions are serverless, so you can implement services like Community Sift without worrying about routing traffic or provisioning your own servers. 

PubNub + Two Hat

With these newest integrations, you can easily augment your in-app chat, whether it’s 1:1, group, or event chat for thousands of users. And, with the tools offered by Community Sift and Sift Ninja, you’ll have full control over how to handle filtered content and bad actors.

PubNub is committed to providing powerful, easy-to-implement solutions for in-app chat. With Two Hat, we’ve forged an opportunity to reduce negative or disruptive behavior, improve experiences, and protect users, regardless of your scale. 

For more details, visit our Community Sift and Sift Ninja integrations pages. There, you can read more about each one. Additionally, each page contains sample code and documentation to get set up with these integrations in your PubNub application.

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