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    The leaps and bounds that mapping technology is making continues to impress. We’ve gone from static, to interactive, to immersive maps, with more features and functionality being added as new APIs, services, and frameworks enter the market and become an essential piece of apps across every vertical and industry today.

    One of the drivers of this continuous innovation is the application of realtime data to mapping. Tracking assets and vehicles, changing data from sensors, the list goes on, and the combination of realtime data and maps exposes the functionality to a broader set of developers through easy to consume data sources and comprehensive mapping APIs.

    The future of mapping is realtime. In his keynote from last week’s 2017 Esri Developer Summit, PubNub CEO Todd Greene discusses what’s driving the demand for realtime applications and how this challenges today’s developers.

    Esri and PubNub for Realtime Mapping

    With a wide variety of mapping APIs, Esri is a great fit for PubNub BLOCKS, and we’re planning on rolling out a ton of new Esri BLOCKS over the next couple months. BLOCKS allows you to harness the power of Esri’s mapping APIs and apply it to realtime data.

    The first one released is the Esri Geocoding BLOCK. With just a few lines of code that will execute within the PubNub Data Stream network, developers can now find locations of addresses; points of interest (POIs); administrative places such as cities, counties, states, and provinces; and postal codes without the need to deploy and scale additional infrastructure.

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