Announcing This Year’s Tele2 IoT Challenge Winners

2 min read Michael Carroll on Apr 28, 2017

Earlier this year, Tele2 IoT launched their LoRaWAN, an open global standard for low-power wide area network, and covered 400 km2 of Gothenburg, Sweden with it. A Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network is valuable because it gives you far greater range than WiFi and much lower power usage than LTE, making it the perfect technology for Internet of Things applications. The Tele2 IoT solution is very developer friendly and of course, has excellent PubNub integration.

Today, we’re proud to announce the winners of the Tele2 IoT Challenge 2017. Below, we highlight the three awesome winners:

GuardPuck: Preventing Diesel Theft

The first prize winner was the GuardPuck by Martin Johannesson and team. Diesel fuel theft at construction sites is a big problem in Sweden. The GuardPuck can be mounted on the side of a fuel tank where it will wireless report vibration patterns to a central server. Using a deep neural network they can detect which patterns indicate fuel theft and alert the authorities.

tele2 pubnub

Smart Fields

The second place winner was the Smart Fields project by Marcus Carlberg and team. Large farms have many fields with varying characteristics. Some are dryer or wetter than others. Marcus and team reasoned that the best way to irrigate fields is to let the field announce when it is thirsty. To make this happen they built a wireless probe which measures humidity, temperature, and soil acidity. The probe transmits hourly data through LoRa to PubNub to an online dashboard where the farmer can monitor the fields and schedule irrigation.

connected agriculture

Advanced Life Ring

And finally, the third place winner was Leon Layas for the Advanced Life Ring. It is a small device attached to a life preserver. The device sleeps until it senses water, then transmits its GPS coordinates through LoRa and PubNub to the tracking dashboard. This dashboard helps the coast guard and ship crews find people who have fallen overboard.

Advanced Life Ring


We are too. If you’re looking for some great tutorials around building connected, real-time IoT apps, check out They’re a great resource for a wide variety of use-cases and projects.