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MonkeyLearn Block for Easy ML and Workflow Automation

2 min read Adam Bavosa on May 8, 2018
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Use Machine Learning on high volumes of text for business automation. MonkeyLearn's powerful ML API can be streamlined thanks to PubNub Functions.

MonkeyLearn is a natural language processing and machine learning API founded by motivated, expert researchers in the ML community. Their goal is to bring automation to your workforce to save time, manpower, and most importantly, money. The API is constructed to handle high volumes of text data and perform the tedious, repetitive tasks that nobody is eager to perform by hand.

MonkeyLearn’s target use cases improve the customer service experience, automate customer feedback sentiment analysis, and personalize sales and marketing efforts. They offer access to machine learning models that analyze incoming text and make educated predictions.

Open Growth

PubNub developed an open source workforce automation service for internal systems. The goal was to make your customer outreach personalized, automatic, and instant. Whenever a new developer signs up for PubNub, they get an email greeting with links to SDKs and docs they need, based on the skills quoted in their online presence.

PubNub Open Growth

Open Growth SDK

Using the MonkeyLearn API, we were able to make this personalized workflow that delights our customers, without having to do research by hand. You can integrate into your company’s infrastructure too. Check out the open source code in our GitHub repository.

It’s Already Smart

Exploring the MonkeyLearn product reveals all of the pre-made classifiers that you can use immediately for your existing project. Their entire community is powering the training for sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and classification for many topics.

MonkeyLearn Modules

And of course, you can make your own brand new classifiers. They can be general and open to the public, or private and business specific. It’s up to you to decide. MonkeyLearn allows you to upload training data from CSV and several other mediums to get your ML classifier globally deployed fast.

PubNub It

By using PubNub Functions, MonkeyLearn can be leveraged in situations like when a new user signs up for your service. You can make a request to your PubNub Function when the user hits submit on the registration page. The message payload can contain any characteristic data that you want to perform machine learning on.

For instance, which SDK is this customer going to want to use?

    "classifier": "cl_WhatLanguagesDoesThisDevKnow",
    "name": "Bob Developer",
    "company": "PHP Code Shop",
    "position": "Lead Engineer"

Using this input information, which has some seemingly unrelated properties, we may be able to come up with an educated conclusion as to what language this developer knows. Then we can send them a link to an SDK for a familiar programming language.


You can use any PubNub SDK or the REST API to pass requests to your MonkeyLearn event handler. Getting started with Functions is easy, click here to hello world. There are also more instructions on the BLOCKS Catalog for the MonkeyLearn BLOCK.

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