MonkeyLearn | Text Analysis

Use machine learning models on high volumes of text

MonkeyLearn is a text analysis API that allows companies to obtain relevant data from high volumes of text using machine learning models. The platform's users have the ability to create their own customized classification modules using existing data repositories. Out of the box, the service offers pre-built and trained classifiers for sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and topic classification.

The API is an integral part of the Open Growth SDK, an open source project built on PubNub functions to accelerate business growth through automation. PubNub uses this SDK to intelligently reach out to customers, without having to review the data provided by hand. MonkeyLearn's API makes this process automatic, saving a business time and money. Be sure to set this event handler type as On Request.


Check out the MonkeyLearn Getting Started Articles to get your automated system up and running, to push your business faster. Be sure to set this event handler type as On Request And make HTTP POST requests to it.

This block requires that you sign up for a MonkeyLearn account, which is free to try.


Publish a HTTP POST containing a classifier ID provided by MonkeyLearn, and also your input text on the PubNub channel. The input_text can be a single string of text or an array of strings for a aggregate API call.




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