Separating Infrastructure Hype from Cash: The VC Perspective

With all the investment opportunities in realtime apps, infrastructure, and serverless, prominent Silicon Valley investors share their many opinions about where this is all going, where it’s been, who they’re investing in, and who are the likely winners and losers.

Moderated by Marc Friend, CFO at PubNub, the panel of VCs includes:

  • Amit Chaturvedy: Head IoT Investments Fund, CISCO Investments
  • Eric Klein: Lemnos Labs
  • Gary Roshak: Managing Director, Results Forge
  • Jai Das: Co-founder & Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures

Go Serverless with PubNub

Building a globally distributed, secure, realtime programmable network is a big task. So we did it for you.

That’s why we exist after all. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your app. PubNub is a serverless architecture that makes realtime data streams programmable, allowing you to execute code on the data while in motion. And that’s powerful.

Plot geolocation, count votes, and even translate language without ever hitting a remote server. PubNub BLOCKs includes over 30 pre-built functions, and the ability to customize your own, allowing you to add robust features to your realtime app. And we know that provisioning, orchestrating, and scaling cloud infrastructure is a bottleneck. Serverless is your answer. When you build your realtime app on the PubNub Realtime Programmable Network, we handle the security, availability, scaling, and performance. No sweat for you.


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