Create a Real-Time Data Streaming Application

PubNub makes it easy to connect and consume large-scale real-time streaming data and deliver that information to any number of subscribers.

This tutorial will walk you through two techniques to develop an end-to-end real-time streaming application with PubNub:

  • Using the PubNub SDK

PubNub’s SDK is capable of handling a high volume of data and this tutorial will show how you can use the SDK to publish and consume Wikipedia updates, as a real-world example.

  • Using HTTP Streaming

PubNub’s stream endpoint allows for even faster data transfer and is ideal for extremely high throughput use cases.

The source code for the snippets used in this tutorial can be found on GitHub at



Before following this tutorial, be sure you have the following installed:

Although this tutorial does not require it, you might find it useful to clone the code so you have it readily available

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