Chat SDK Tutorial
In-App Chat

The PubNub Chat SDK

PubNub's Chat SDK is the easiest way for developers to create new chat applications or add in-app chat to existing applications with support for users, messaging and conversation management. The SDK also supports advanced messaging features such as quoting, unread message counts and mentioning users.
Interactive global map showing a single active user in Seattle with information about the city and its connection to the grunge music scene.

Geolocation Tracking Tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to build a geolocation tracking app that allows users to share locations and send messages in real-time, as well as integrate with ChatGPT to provide information about your location.
In-App Chat

Build a Digital Health Application

This tutorial will guide you through building a digital health application, showing how PubNub Chat Components can quickly create a professional looking, functional app.
In-App Chat

Get Started: Build a Chat App with the PubNub SDK

This tutorial will guide you through creating a simple chat app using the flexible PubNub SDK: Sending and receiving chat messages, member presence and looking up past messages
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IoT Device Control

Build an IoT solution using PubNub

This tutorial will show you how to create an IoT solution using PubNub, concentrating on architectural best practices
Dual smartphone screens displaying chat application interface with conversation between users and notification panel.
Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications Tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to set up and add mobile push notifications to an application.
Android (Kotlin)iOS
Simple Chat App Preview 2
In-App Chat

Simple Chat App with Chat Components

In this tutorial you’ll discover how to set up and build a simple standalone chat application using PubNub Chat Components. Components are ready-made building blocks to add chat features to new or existing apps.
React Native


In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to use PubNub to power leaderboard and chat in a Unity game.