During the tour you may want access to your IDE or new windows to see your code working. You’ll get the best experience viewing on a larger device.

Modifying messages based on events

It’s possible to intercept and modify messages before or after they’re sent, whether that’s rule-based, or for every message. A PubNub feature called Functions allows you to do things like re-routing, augmenting, filtering, transforming, and aggregating messages.

In the example below, we're simply adding text to a message but there are many other things you can do with Functions, like using pre-built third-party integrations from over 30 companies including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Services like translation, sentiment analysis, SMS, text-to-speech, content moderation, and more, are delivered through PubNub's powerful serverless environment. Learn more about Functions.

Try it out

  • Deploy the code to PubNub Functions

  • Publish the message and watch it get transformed by the code you just deployed. Make sure the channel names match

  • Change " ... And a little bit more" and redeploy the function code

  • Send a final message to see your new text added

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