Solutions for building multi-user mobile second screen sync applications

Second Screen Sync

Build interactive and engaging applications for live and remote audiences

PubNub makes it easy to create rich, engaging second screen sync viewing experiences for both live and remote audiences armed with phones, tablets, and laptops.

How PubNub Powers Second Screen Applications

Realtime Data Streaming for second screen
Realtime Data Streaming
Send data from any source in realtime to a UI
Push Interactive Content
Push Interactive Content
Push interactive content like polls, trivia, multiplayer games, or advertising
Notifications and Alerts for second screen synchronization
Notifications and Alerts
Deliver push notifications and alerts to connected users
1:1 and Group Chat
1:1 and Group Chat
Enable users to communicate with one another in realtime
User Status Monitoring
User Status Monitoring
Realtime monitoring of online/offline status of all subscribed users

Interactive Second Screen Sync Experiences

Want to see PubNub in action? In the video below, check out how PubNub powers an immersive, interactive second screen experience between a smartphone and web browser.

Getting Started

Feature Rich Chat App with React
Feature Rich Chat App with React

A comprehensive guide to building a feature-rich chat application for web and mobile using the React framework.

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Multiplayer Game Tutorial
Building a Multiplayer Game

Connect audience members through an interactive, realtime game.

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Realtime Dashboards and Maps
EON: Realtime Dashboards Framework

Get started with EON to build realtime charts and graphs for financial data.

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Leading Second Screen Apps Using PubNub

Interactive Advertising
Public Data-Driven Art
Live Polling and Results
Second Screen
Second Screen

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