Communication for Continuity of Care

We host our partner, Vonage, to discuss how combining communication technologies ensures quality care over time.
Communication for Continuity of Care

Continuity of care is a core concept for healthcare professionals.

It’s the idea of ensuring high quality, cost-effective care over time. As doctors, healthcare providers, and patients all adopt telemedicine as a primary avenue for care, this technology offers many opportunities to improve ongoing, medium and long-term care regimens.

Yet, to truly facilitate continuity of care, healthcare applications must enable patients and doctors to interact in an organic, comfortable way that fits within their respective schedules and workloads.

The solution? A holistic communications strategy that lets apps incorporate voice, video, and text-based interactions into a single design.

In this webinar, we join Vonage and Doxy.me to discuss how this spectrum of technologies facilitates high-quality care for remote patients.

During this webinar, join us and our partners from Vonage as we discuss:

  • Telemedicine and continuity of care.

  • Why a spectrum of communications matters.

  • How to build an integrated design for continuity of care.

Join us, and learn how to achieve continuity of care with leading communication technologies.

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Lawrence Byrd
Lawrence Byrd
Communications APIs at Vonage

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