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The Pros and Cons of Building Real-Time Apps with Socket.IO

Download the full whitepaper to get the pros and cons of building applications with Socket.IO.

Using PubNub to Secure In-App Chat from Scams

In-app chat scams are a large, yet often overlooked, vector for cybersecurity attacks. Let's talk about some tools PubNub provides that can help you keep your mobile or website application safe from phishing attempts.
Case Studies

Swiggy Revolutionizes Delivery by Putting Customers First

Learn how Swiggy uses PubNub to automate customer inquiries in their platform, reducing resolution times from five minutes to just 30 seconds.
EDA Whitepaper-Gaming Industry

A Comprehensive Guide to Event-Driven Systems for Gaming

This white paper will help teams gain a better understanding of the EDA landscape for the gaming industry.
EDA Whitepaper-Live Events Industry

A Guide to Event-Driven Systems for Live Event Applications

See how developers can create a true real-time digital experience by leveraging event-driven architecture (EDA).

A Comprehensive Guide to Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

Download our comprehensive guide to learn the fundamentals of EDA and considerations to keep in mind during the development process for quicker deployment.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Real-Time Technology Stack

What works in the lab doesn’t always work in the wild.
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Disprz is an interactive employee development and engagement platform. See how Disprz scaled their real-time chat and virtual whiteboards to thousands of concurrent users and are growing 30% QoQ.
Case Studies


FanHub built a real-time, interactive sports fan interaction platform using PubNub