Latest Feature Releases

.NET/C# v4 SDK Public

The C# v4 SDK has reached GA! Make sure to download it, and check out the C# v3 to v4 migration guide. As with the other v4 SDK releases, the C# v4 SDK is re-written from the ground up to be lighter, faster, and easier-to-use than ever before. Some of the new improvements include:

New Open Growth Emails


Neumann - our workplace automation tool powered by AI is now in action.

Neumann is sending out the following emails:
  • Welcome to Pubnub - you can get access to your keys directly from the first email Neumann sends you.
  • Expiring blocks - Neumann now helpfully alerts you before your blocks expire.
  • Are you using UUIDs correctly? Neumann will send you helpful information to install your UUIDs.
  • If you enabled a feature Neumann will give you creative ideas on how to use that feature.

Improved Display of Billing Metrics


You can now see your bill type directly on the key tile page. You can see how the usage on your key is being counted directly in the key tile and in the top header to avoid any confusion.

New Blocks Available!


Our catalog is growing. Check out our latest blocks you can use to make your applications even more feature rich:

Promises Crash Course


If you are a developer new to Promises, we now have a crash course to help you get started coding your blocks. When you create a block, you will now be able to see the Promises crash course in the code editor. The crash course will give you the basic concepts of coding with Promises so you can start coding a BLOCK quickly. You can find it in the help menu at the top of the code editor.