Access Manager

Manage your app with ease through fine-grained access controls

With Access Manager you can secure and enforce access to channels, channel groups, and other resources throughout your PubNub implementation.

What is included in Access Manager?

Fine-Grain Permissions

Segment permissions by channel, user, or channel group. 

No Server Load

PubNub handles the server load associated with application access controls. Assign security tokens to devices, grant or revoke access and Access Manager will do the rest. 

Seamless Control

Use Access Manager seamlessly with presence, stream controller, and other PubNub APIs. 

Authentication Scheme

PubNub easily integrates with existing OAuth, Google, Facebook Authentication, and custom solutions. 

Where is Access Manger Used?

IoT Device Control -Secure access to devices by the owners and invited users of those devices only. Temporary access can be assigned to guests using ttl property. 

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Digital Health - Provide secure, HIPAA compliant communication between doctors and patients.

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Subscription based services - Enforce user limits and access by granting and/or revoking privileges based on what access the user has purchased. 

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