Access Manager

Fine-grain access control API for data streams.

Key Features
Fine-Grain Permissions

Segment permissions by channel, user, or channel group.

No Server Load

PubNub handles the server loads associated with application access controls – assign security tokens to devices, grant or revoke access and PubNub Access Manager does the rest.

Seamless Control

Use Access Manager seamlessly with Presence, Stream Controller, and other PubNub APIs.

Any Authentication Scheme

PubNub easily integrates with existing OAuth, Google, and Facebook authentication, as well as custom solutions.

Robust Authorization

Add a layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access to publish/subscribe keys.

What’s Included:
Token-Based Authorization –

Grant and revoke security tokens to users and devices to govern read/write permissions.

Time-Based Expiration –

Set tokens to expire after any period of time you specify.

Instant Token Revocation –

Instantly revoke permissions on tokens.

Access Manager
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