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Understand your PubNub data better - and fast - using Analyse with AI

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PubNub Insights provides dashboards that let you quickly drill into the most active channels and users over multiple time periods, enabling you to analyze how your app is being used, identify issues, and plan for the future.

Insights is a valuable tool for understanding your data, but analyzing the data and deciding what actions to take can be harder – and takes time, which is where the new “Analyze with AI” feature can help, allowing you to ask questions about your data in plain English or natural language.

This new AI feature is already helping our early adopters to understand their data better; let’s look at a couple of anonymized examples:

A large media organization uses PubNub to exchange chat messages between audience members. We asked the AI tool to “recommend some actions for an upcoming marketing campaign,” and the tool told us which channels had the most positive engagement as well as which channels would benefit from revitalization. This helped the customer to tailor their campaign to a specific audience.

Another example, this time for one of our IoT customers, we asked the Insights AI tool to “identify any anomalies or patterns in the device data.” The report identified which dates saw a spike in the number of messages being sent, as well as speculation of what caused the spikes. This helped the customer understand the impact of a recent cellular network outage near one of their sites.

Please note that PubNub Insights Analyze with AI is currently in preview at the time of writing - screenshots and specifics are subject to change.

Using PubNub Insights’ “Analyze with AI” Feature

To analyze your Insights data using AI, go to your PubNub Insights dashboard and select the application/keyset you want to analyze. “Analyze with AI” is only available to Insights Premium users, so make sure you have the relevant product.

Select the “Analyze with AI” button in the top right-hand corner of the page, which will expose the AI panel.

Red button labeled 'ANALYZE WITH AI' above icons for alerts, help, downloads, folders, and settings on a digital interface.

The “Analyze with AI” panel can be split into three sections:

  1. Decide what you want to include in your analysis. This section will differ depending on which group of dashboards you have selected
  2. Provide context to the AI model so the AI knows how to interpret your data
  3. Tell the AI model what you want to understand

Specify what you want to analyze

Depending on which dashboard you have selected (Snapshot, Channels, Users, Messages), you are presented with a choice of what you want to analyze.

From the “Snapshot” dashboard, you can perform some high-level analysis of your data, breaking down activity by country or understanding what drives the ‘big numbers’ such as daily messages or daily users.

Interactive web form for data analysis with options for selecting big numbers, message activity, and unique users by country including a date range selection from July 20 to July 27, 2023.

The “Channels,” “Messages,” and “Users” dashboards all operate on similar principles; for example, the Channels dashboard allows you to analyze your data based on channels per hour, day, or week or the top 20 daily channels.

Interactive web form for selecting channel analysis parameters with checkboxes for different time frames and a date range picker.

In all cases, you can also specify a date range over which you want to analyze your data.

Consider what questions you want to ask about your data and what you want to understand. If you are analyzing the sentiment of chat messages, you will need to analyze ‘Channels’; if you want to understand user behavior, then select one of the ‘Users’ options.

Provide Context to the AI

The expression “Garbage In, Garbage Out” applies especially to Artificial Intelligence. In order to provide you with useful and insightful analysis, the AI model needs to understand what your PubNub data represents. The context section of the input panel guides you to provide the required information to the AI model.

Be succinct and specific in your answers to ensure a timely response from the model; for example, an online gaming customer implementing chat between players might answer the questions as follows:

Online survey form with fields for use cases, industry, company type, and chat implementation details displayed on a digital screen.

Tell the AI model what you want to understand

Having instructed the AI model on how to interpret your data, you can now specify what analysis you want to perform.

Choose from one of the existing, pre-defined prompts, then optionally also specify your own prompt. When specifying your own prompt, please be as concise as possible to ensure a timely response from the AI model

Computer screen displaying an online form with options to select a predefined prompt for statistical analysis.

After submitting, please be patient while the dashboard data is retrieved and sent to the AI model for analysis, which can take up to several minutes.

Loading screen message from PubNub indicating that data is being prepared with an expected wait time.

“Analyze with AI” in action

The following video shows AI providing insights for a health & fitness company that tracks customer engagement with IoT devices:

Understanding the response from the AI analysis

The format of the response will differ based on what data you asked to be analyzed and what analysis you asked to be performed. For example, an analysis of the Channels dashboard and a request for the “top 3 insights” might look something like the following:

Digital graph and bullet points presenting channel usage analysis with data trends on a tablet screen.

Of course, the relevance of the response is heavily dependent on the context you provided to the AI model.

The response will also echo back to you the data provided to generate the analysis and allow you the opportunity to regenerate the output or start a new session.

In Conclusion

PubNub Insights' new ‘Analyze with AI’ feature will provide greater understanding and allow you to take meaningful actions based on your data. Save time interpreting your data and sign up for Insights Premium to enhance your Insights experience with AI.