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How to Add a Scoreboard and Leaderboard to Your Unity Game

Learn how to add a scoreboard and leaderboard to your Unity Game with PubNub. Walkthrough how to update player scores during a match and display a global ranking leaderboard, all in real time.

How to Add Moderation and Translation to Your Unity Game

Learn how to add Moderation and Language Translation to your Unity Game with PubNub. Moderating your chat is an essential feature in protecting your players from harmful behaviors and translating messages allows for more players to access your game.

How to Add Presence to Your Unity Game

Learn how to add Presence to your Unity Game to track the online and custom status of players. You'll learn about the different Presence Events, as well as implementing custom state to manage the exact location and activity of players in your game.

How to Add Real-time Chat to Your Unity Game

Learn how to add real-time chat to your Unity video game with PubNub. Understand how to set up different channel patterns, send/receive messages, and then enhance/secure your in-game chat with advanced features.
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Understand your PubNub data better - and fast - using Analyse with AI

PubNub Insights is a valuable tool for understanding your data, but analyzing the data and deciding what actions to take can be harder - which is where the new "Analyze with AI" feature can help
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How to make the most of PubNub’s Dashboards

This How-to guide will explain the different dashboards PubNub offers, what metrics they contain, when you would use them, and where you can find them.

How to Develop a Scoring System for a Game

Read our complete guide on developing a scoring system for a game. In this guide, you’ll learn to build a scoring system to make your game interactive and social.

Build Collaborative Applications

Follow this how-to and learn how you can build and power your real-time collaborative applications with PubNub.
Virtual Events

How to Build Chat for Virtual Events

Virtual events need chat to keep users engaged, but it's often a challenge to build a chat solution that works at scale and can handle the network load surges that occur during popular events. As a developer, you need to select a robust backend API provider capable of transmitting and receiving the high volume of messages that your viewers and participants generate.