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Are you curious about how PubNub works? Ask about our interactive game demo that showcases all of the PubNub features that enable developers to quickly and efficiently build games as well as our newest product Illuminate.

PubNub Features

  1. In-Game Chat: Chat with users from the main menu, in the lobby, and when active in the game. Send private messages to users or to your friend group. Filter profanity and translate messages before reaching other players.

  2. Leaderboard: View an in-game scoring system that updates in real time with player stats. All-time leaderboard rankings are also viewable from the main menu and filterable.

  3. Player Profile: Persist and change your in-game username and upload your own profile image.

  4. Friend List: Add, remove, or send friend requests. Detect when your friends come online or go offline.

  5. Player Trading: Manage player inventory and trade items between players.

  6. Log Critical Events: Send suspicious player scores or messages to a separate server for review and record keeping.

PubNub Illuminate

  1. Monetization: Adjust and experiment with the prices of in-game shop items. Adjust prices if players are purchasing a number of the same item and trigger limited-time events to affect all store prices.

  2. Challenges/Achievements: Reward players for completing challenges/achievements with discount codes for in-game items when they finish a game or change their equipped hat.

  3. Gameplay Adjustments: Adjust core gameplay features such as player speed, respawn timer, health, and melee speed, as well as weapon adjustments such as firing rate, damage, projectile speed, and kickback amount.

  4. Fraud Detection: Flag potentially harmful purchases and report these messages to an external source to help keep their game safe.

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