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Initial State: Realtime IoT Dashboards

Visualize sensor and IoT data on live dashboards and graphs in realtime.
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About Initial State: Realtime IoT Dashboards

Initial State is a data platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). Connect sensors to the Internet, stream that sensor data to a cloud for access at anytime, and turn it into interactive realtime dashboards, charts, statistics, notifications, or webhooks.The Initial State block for realtime IoT dashboards lets you take IoT data streaming via PubNub, and visualize it with Initial State's wide variety of dashboard options including Tiles, Waves, and Lines.
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Internet of Things Internet of Things
External APIs
External APIs
Charting & Graphing
Charting & Graphing
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Internet of things sensor dashboard


This block allows the pushing of event payloads to InitialState by publishing to a predefined channel.


Publish message on input channel: initialstate-input with the fields to trigger an event.All events coming on the events field will be forwarded to InitialState

    "events": [{
        "key": "temperature",
        "value": 16,
        "epoch": 1419876022.778477
    "bucketKey": "PBUYDWHTRMT4"

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