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Four Steps to Build a Real-Time In-App Chat



In-app chat is a chat interface within an app or product, enabling users to communicate in real time privately or in a group.

We offer two approaches to building a chat application: SDKs and Components. Understanding the differences between these options can help you choose which is best for your project's specific needs.

PubNub Chat SDK Live Demos

Build real-time chat in 10 lines of Javascript.

Learn how to create a cross-platform in-app chat using our Flutter SDK.

Customer Use Cases

Veeps relied on PubNub to provide a reliable real-time chat for their users so that they could connect during live-streamed concerts.

Felix Digital is leveraging the power of In-App Messaging capabilities to deliver a reliable and secure chat experience within its live score application.


We share all that we've learned about the cost, time, and effort saved when using a service like PubNub as the core of your chat application, compared to building it yourself.

How-To Guides

Learn how to build a chat application using our JS SDK and the help of Vue with this step-by-step tutorial.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to build a chat application using our cross platform SDKs.

Stay on top of your chat conversations by learning how to display timestamps using PubNub. This tutorial will teach you how to format and display timestamps in your chat application.

This tutorial compares the options of using chat components versus implementing chat functionality using PubNubs SDKs. It will provide information on the benefits of each approach.

This guide will show you how to ensure your chat application is designed and optimized for user interactions.


This tutorial will guide you through creating a simple chat app using the flexible PubNub SDK: Sending and receiving chat messages, presence, and looking up past messages.

Use Chat Components from PubNub to create a simple chat feature in your app, with support for multiple SDKs.

Docs / Tools

Pick your language, learn the ins and outs of building with PubNub.

Understand the essential concepts behind every PubNub-powered app in 5 minutes.

GitHub Links

Chat application built with our JavaScript SDK.

Chat application build with our Flutter SDK.

Resources by PubNub

Take your chat to the next level with language translation, Giphy Bots, and more.

Quickly set up your account and get started with an SDK of your choice.

More Chat Learning Resources

Agora and PubNub offer tools that make building communication software with video and text communication features quick and easy.

Build a scalable multivendor marketplace app with real-time chat features, push-notifications and geo-location tracking capabilities.

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