Message history

Chat SDK lets you fetch historical messages from one channel using the getHistory() method.

Due to current PubNub API limitations, you cannot filter the results by type, so you'll get all messages that happened on a given channel in a given timeframe.


Under the hood

Method signature

This method takes the following parameters:

startTimetoken?: string,
endTimetoken?: string,
count?: number
}): Promise<{
messages: Message[],
isMore: boolean


startTimetokenstringNon/aTimetoken delimiting the start of a time slice (exclusive) to pull messages from. For details, refer to the Fetch History section.
endTimetokenstringNon/aTimetoken delimiting the end of a time slice (inclusive) to pull messages from. For details, refer to the Fetch History section.
countnumberNo25Number of historical messages to return for the channel in a single call. Since each call returns all attached message reactions by default, the maximum number of returned messages is 25. For more details, refer to the description of the includeMessageActions parameter in the JavaScript SDK docs.


Promise<>objectReturned object containing two fields: messages and isMore.
 → messagesMessage[]Array listing the requested number of historical Message objects.
 → isMorebooleanWhether there are any more historical messages to pull.

By default, each call returns all message reactions and metadata attached to the retrieved messages.

Basic usage

From the support channel, fetch 10 historical messages older than the timetoken 15343325214676133.

// reference the "channel" object
const channel = await chat.getChannel("support")
// invoke the "getHistory()" method on the "channel" object
await channel.getHistory(
startTimetoken: "15343325214676133",
count: 10
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