PubNub Announces Real-Time Connected Car Solution Kit

Jan 29, 2014
San Francisco, CA & Miami, FL (IT Expo – M2M Evolution) – January 29, 2014PubNub, the only global Real-Time Network, today announced its Connected Car Solution Kit, providing the key building blocks for developers to deliver scalable, real-time transportation management and dispatch applications, including taxi, fleet management and delivery service. Connected cars require real-time signaling for effective dispatch and tracking, yet vehicles constantly change networks and cell towers, lose connectivity, and drop dedicated network connections.  Built on its global Real-Time Network, PubNub’s Connected Car Solution Kit addresses the inherent challenges posed by connected vehicles, ensuring reliable, real-time message streaming and other key services like dispatch, location tracking, diagnostics and more. PubNub automatically detects and re-establishes dropped connections, with all messages tracked and time-stamped to the nearest nanosecond to ensure that each vehicle receives missed messages upon reconnection. PubNub is already used by many transportation applications, including GetTaxi’s global taxi dispatch solution which uses PubNub to differentiate their offering:  "Following our launch in NY, we've had many comments on the strength and reliability of the technology behind GetTaxi when compared to other consumer dispatch apps," said Shahar Waiser, founder and CEO of GetTaxi. "Much of that strength can be attributed to the partnership we have with PubNub and their real-time data push, storage, reliability and security infrastructure features." PubNub’s Connected Car Solution Kit provides the following capabilities to developers:
  • Reliable connectivity – Maintains persistent mobile network connections with vehicles, regardless of network issues, as well as auto-detection and rapid "catch-up" of messages if a vehicle is temporarily disconnected.
  • Location tracking – Provides a real-time map view of all vehicle locations by streaming location data from each vehicle for delivery or arrival information.
  • Dispatch – Responds to transportation demand in real-time by managing messaging and response between vehicles and dispatch.
  • Vehicle state – Delivers a real-time view of fleet status and availability by detecting when vehicles are available, booked, fully-loaded and other status.
  • Geo fencing – Trigger actions and alerts based on vehicle location and geographic boundaries (e.g. only vehicles within five miles get dispatch requests, customized traffic alerts, etc.).
“PubNub provides the most advanced and reliable real-time infrastructure for connected cars,” said Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub. “The recent explosion of connected car consumer interest, automotive manufacturer innovation, and 3rd party app developers has primed the market for reliable global signaling infrastructure that is transportation-friendly. PubNub delivers on that promise.” The PubNub Connected Car Solution Kit supports over 50+ SDKs and is globally-scaled, reliable and secure. For more information on PubNub’s Connected Car Solution Kit, please visit: About PubNub
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