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Standard components let you focus on building a unique product that will delight and engage your users.

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Interface designs and components for team chat and support chat
Team Chat UI kit

Team Chat UI kit

Team Chat lets you build beautiful, responsive group chat experiences for collaborative and social applications. Deliver pre-built features like:

  • Group conversations, with no concurrency limits.

  • Presence, typing indicators, and gifs for a richer experience.

  • Profanity filtering to keep your chats friendly.

Support Chat UI kit

Support Chat UI kit

Support Chat lets an agent chat with multiple clients, where privacy for each conversation is key. From customer service to telemedicine, this kit offers features like:

  • Agent and User views with routing for incoming requests.

  • Private one-to-one messaging to ensure secure conversations.

  • User Presence and read receipts to improve communication.

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Chat Documentation

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