Real-time Aggregated Metrics and Control in Logistics

2 min read Cres Hay on May 3, 2024
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We all know how crucial it is to keep a close eye on every moving part while navigating the vast and complex world of logistics. Many companies are already leveraging telematic devices to track everything from the location of their fleet to the temperature inside their trailers and even monitor driver behavior. Platforms like PubNub have been game-changers for real-time messaging, keeping everyone connected from the driver's seat to the cloud.

The missing puzzle piece

While we're all about instant visibility and timely notifications, a piece of the puzzle is still amiss. I'm talking about the aggregation of real-time metrics. 

Currently, most aggregation metrics happen after the fact, sometimes hours later. This lag means we're missing out on the chance to respond immediately to critical issues like trailer excursions, bad driver behavior, and other time-sensitive concerns.

What could be

Imagine if you could react instantly when a threshold you set was met—like the number of trailer excursions for a time period. You can immediately alert drivers and managers about trailer excursions and update availability statuses on the fly. Or, if you could identify frequent excursions from a particular hub, you could flag it for focused training to mitigate future risks. And let's not forget about bad driver behavior, which presents its own set of challenges, with the need for a flexible and dynamic approach to account for various factors and evolving rules.Knowing the cost implications of these errors could be a game-changer for your operation.

There’s also a flip side—when you see an issue, how can you tell if it’s critical? Is it happening to the majority of your fleet? To only a few? How can you immediately see that instead of checking things one at a time? Maybe you can set up alerts. 

Illuminate for visibility and control

This is where Illuminate—a real-time decisioning and analytics product we just launched—comes in. With Illuminate, you can effortlessly aggregate data from your systems in real time and set up decision rules that trigger immediate actions—all this with just a few clicks.

What sets Illuminate apart is its user-friendly, low-code interface. This eliminates the need to pull your engineering team away from their critical projects for every little change. Furthermore, this flexibility allows you to adapt and refine your strategies on the fly without getting bogged down in coding and technical implementation.

With Illuminate, you're in control. Track what matters most: from reducing trailer excursions to improving driver behavior, and see the impact of your decisions unfold in real time. Experiment, adjust, and refine your approach without diverting your engineering resources.

Illuminate empowers you to confidently steer your fleet, ensuring smoother operations, safer travels, and a more efficient supply chain. So, why wait to shine a light on your transportation challenges? Illuminate is here to help you navigate with ease and precision. Let's embark on this journey together towards a brighter, more informed future for your fleet.

Ready to try Illuminate? Go to the PubNub Admin Portal and check it out for yourself.