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on Nov 15, 2013
PubNub's Geremy won the Ford Makeathon with his taxi dispatch application.

PubNub’s Geremy Cohen took home 1st place at DevBeat’s 24 hour Ford Motor Company Makeathon App Developer Challenge last night. Geremy built a real-time taxi notification system using PubNub and Ford’s AppLink technology, where the app is plugged into the dashboard of the car, and the driver can easily accept/reject the ride using the buttons on their steering wheel. Geremy specifically used PubNub to manage the distribution of data from customers to taxi drivers.

You can read more about Geremy’s app here on VentureBeat, or check us out on ABC7 News below (1:40):



PubNub Data Stream Network ABC7 News Coverage from PubNub Video on Vimeo.

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