Compliance and Real-time Innovation in India

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All around the world, governments are racing to protect their citizens’ privacy in response to the ubiquity of digital interactions and the influence of data collection. As software providers aim to leverage their user data to improve their products and deliver more relevant and timely experiences to customers, consumers want to make sure that they have a choice in how their data is used, and their governments support that desire. In 2018, the EU passed GDPR, and it’s no surprise that other governments are following suit. India is looking to better protect its citizens with regulations that require foreign companies to store data generated in India locally, within the country.

PubNub has a rich history of supporting customer needs around security, privacy, and regulations, and supporting our customers in India is right up that alley. Building upon the roll-out of our services via the Mumbai Point-of-Presence (POP), PubNub now supports customers’ need and ability to store data locally in India. This lets customers meet the regulatory requirements that are now table stakes for their operations in the country. 

Especially for those who want to innovate and use the best technologies available, it’s critical that the technologies and vendors they work with are able to support their India-specific needs. Otherwise, they will be left to find less efficient, less effective ways to solve their core problem, spending effort that should go to providing high-quality solutions and service

The Impact on Customers

The healthcare and financial services sectors of India are most heavily impacted by this regulation, as they handle the most personal and confidential information about those that they serve. In order to do business and use data to innovate within the country, they are on the front lines of navigating the new regulations. With PubNub, these customers are completely covered when it comes to storing data locally. There’s no need to wonder whether data will be protected or stored somewhere else.

How are customers using PubNub in healthcare and financial services in compliance with regulation?


Financial Services

Making Engaging Real-time Experiences a Reality in India

Technology companies in India are racing towards a more connected and always-on world, making it easier, faster, safer, and more convenient for everyday people to do the things they need and achieve the things about which they dream. PubNub’s Real-time Communication Platform provides the backbone that any company can rely on to deliver engaging experiences that users love, including fast-growing companies like Swiggy.

With one of our 15 Points of Presence across the globe located in Mumbai, our customers in India are guaranteed to have a blazing fast connection that delivers less than 100ms latency, while at the same time being reliable and available with a 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee. And even for the fastest-growing customers like Swiggy, scalability is a non-issue with PubNub, allowing them to focus on building the features and core experience that matter while the infrastructure is abstracted away by the use of PubNub.

PubNub is committed to our customers across the globe, and our support for our customers in India is paramount to us as the world’s largest democracy continues not just to come online, but to scale into one of the largest economies in the world.