PubNub Data Stream Network – CIO’s “10 Hot IoT Startups”

2 min read Marta Lorenc on Sep 5, 2014

When it comes to connecting the Internet of Things, we like to say we “solve the problems of large-scale IoT connectivity in the wild.” Just what do we mean by “in the wild?” We mean anywhere outside the lab, anywhere where connectivity isn’t guaranteed.

The Internet of Things is held back by two major obstacles, lack of reliable and consistent communications and security issues. To hurdle these obstacles, we built the PubNub Global Data Stream Network, enabling developers to build and scale IoT applications anywhere in the world.

As a result, we’re extremely excited to be featured on CIO’s “10 Hot Internet of Things Startups” list, based on our commitment to making IoT communications as reliable and secure as it can be. Take a look at the PubNub CIO profile and the other 9 hot IoT startups (including PubNub customer Revolv).

Internet of Things Bi-directional Signaling

PubNub enables developers to signal and communicate between IoT devices quickly and reliable. To solve the issue of reliable IoT signaling, we’ve scaled out our data stream network globally. We have 14 data centers spread across the globe, ensuring message delivery and low latency. Globally redundant, messages are replicated and in the event of a PubNub data center issue, you can be sure your message will still get where it needs to go.

Internet of Things Security

PubNub solves the unique needs of IoT secure communication. This means eliminating open network ports, fine grain access control of data streams, and SSL/AES encryption.

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