PubNub and Vonage Partner to Make E-Learning More Personal


Today, we’re proud to announce an expanded partnership between PubNub and Vonage to help educational institutions better deliver quality e-learning experiences through improved virtual spaces for collaboration, communication, and human connection. 

In every way, the fallout from COVID-19 has given the global education sector an unprecedented opportunity to transform how the e-learning process takes place. It truly is a generational opportunity that impacts all aspects of the e-learning experience. And we’re not just talking about schools, universities, and educational centers. We’re also factoring in the myriad of industries that are turning to virtual training due to convenience, cost, or sheer necessity. Across all, there’s a clear need for improved use of digital tools to realize:

And while PubNub and Vonage will be partnering initially on solving problems in the e-learning sector, other areas of high interest include Healthcare, Virtual Events, Finance, and Transportation and Logistics. 

Improving e-learning in virtual environments

PubNub is the leading provider of APIs and infrastructure for powering virtual spaces for online work, play, learning, and health. Example functionality that we enable for e-learning includes 1:1 and group chat, breakout rooms, shared whiteboards, multi-user documents, real-time polls, and leaderboards. PubNub customers include Adobe, ClassDojo, Noon Academy, and Disprz

Vonage is a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation. The Vonage Communications Platform is fully programmable and allows for the integration of communications APIs—including Video, Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, and Verification—into existing products, workflows, and systems. Vonage customers include Cambly, Varsity Tutors, Cengage, TopHat, and Presence Learning

Together, PubNub and Vonage will make it easier for software teams to build tightly integrated virtual and hybrid e-learning experiences that combine remote interaction capabilities with communication capabilities. Challenges to be addressed include:

Adding PubNub and Vonage to your application

PubNub customers looking to add voice, video, messaging (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.), and verification to their applications can look to Vonage’s communication APIs that work synergistically with the PubNub platform. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a demo.