JavaScript + PHP = Real-time Stock Quote API

1 min read Stephen Blum on Oct 30, 2013
Real-time Stock Ticker

Have you ever wanted to build a stock quote app that updates in real time? Or more generally speaking, maybe you want to create an app that streams information and presents it on a real-time user interface on an HTML5 web browser. Well, it’s easy with PubNub.

We built a real-time stock streaming app with JavaScript, PHP, and PubNub to show you just how easy it is. You can check out the live working stock quote API demo, or go straight to the GitHub Repository to get started. We’ll supply the code you need.

stock quote APIThe app sends data from a PHP Server Process to an HTML5 JavaScript app in real-time. Stock quotes are broadcast from the PHP server into the PubNub network where the HTML5 JavaScript app receives the WebSockets data and displays it in real-time. A full stock quote API walk through is available here.

Note: Our data stream of stock prices is live data, but the numbers are randomized (so don’t make any financial decisions based on them.)

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