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Voice and Video Calling Through Our Vonage Partnership

3 min read Hannah Dennison on Jul 14, 2020

As our interactions increasingly move online, it’s more important than ever to harness and retain the experience of meeting, playing, and collaborating face-to-face. Whether we’re speaking to doctors through chat, dancing in the living room to a virtual concert, or playing video games with friends and family, it’s important that our remote experiences feel just as personal as our in-person ones. 

To create these same connected experiences, it’s essential to turn to communications technologies that make connecting and conversing seamless. 

At PubNub, we’ve always been dedicated to helping companies build genuine remote interactions to truly connect people. We understand that in this world of being away from coworkers, family, and friends it’s important to not only maintain contact, but to actually see, smile at, and laugh with those you’re close to.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our voice and video (A/V) integrations initiative. 

Our A/V Integrations: Building A More Connected World with Ease

Our decision to add voice and video integrations is rooted in our mission to help you give your users the most authentic, seamless remote interactions possible. 

Our platform already lets you easily build and deploy engaging, responsive chat at scale—but with interactions increasingly moving online, video and voice are now essential to create valuable remote connections. 
Alternatively, you can view the video demo here.

Through our new A/V integrations, you can now combine powerful VoIP and live-video with PubNub. This allows your users to communicate in the way that best serves their needs, be that voice, video, or chat.

Plus, by relying on the existing, expert platforms of our partners, you’ll have high-quality, compliant video and voice calling without the development costs, time, or effort of a DIY solution. Instead, you get reliability, scalability, and complete control over the A/V services that you choose to integrate with your chat application. 

Additionally, by combining our A/V integrations with our other features like presence detection, mobile push notifications, and geo-location, you can build rich, engaging platforms that let you continuously keep in touch with your users and keep them engaged. Through our complete platform and A/V integrations, PubNub powers you with the building blocks you need to create remote interactions that feel just as intimate, reliable, and rewarding as meeting face-to-face. 

Partnering with Vonage to Improve Collaboration and Communication 

At the forefront of our A/V offerings, we’re proud to announce our spearhead partnership with Vonage. 

When it comes to adding voice and video to chat applications, Vonage is a natural partner for PubNub. Together, our platforms offer easy-to-use, integrated APIs that give you the power of hosted chat, video, and voice services with the flexibility to build your products in the way that suits you best. 

By integrating Vonage with apps built on PubNub, you’ll gain an additional level of top-tier communication alongside our robust chat features. Best of all, there’s no need to spend the time or money building these functionalities in-house. PubNub customers who choose our Vonage integration will have immediate access to fully built and secure live video and VoIP communications

In an increasingly remote world, our partnership with Vonage empowers you to easily create collaborative communication platforms for your users. By providing your users with the ability to connect through the method of their choice—be it by chat, video, or voice—you improve the quality and authenticity of their interactions. And in today’s remote-first world, making online experiences feel genuine and intimate is invaluable.  

Getting started with Vonage 

Already a PubNub customer? Get in touch to see how you can easily add our Vonage integration. 

Want to get started with video and VoIP with PubNub? Visit our Vonage Integration page to learn more about how it works with PubNub Chat.