Everything you Wanted to Know about Serverless

1 min read Developer Relations Team on Jan 24, 2018

In a world demanding an increasing amount of software-driven products, time-to-market is everything. Serverless technologies and event architectures promise to dramatically reduce development time, reduce cost, and handle lots of the inherent scaling risks in today’s global apps.

But the Serverless hype is increasing, and it’s hard to know how to take advantage of these new superpowers. How can you use these new technologies to launch your product quickly?

Todd Greene, CEO at PubNub and Dan Rosanova, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, take the stage at API World 2017 to discuss Understanding Containers, Functions-as-a-Service, and Event Architectures. They cover three major categories of Serverless and illustrate design patterns to create the most popular modern applications. They also talk about some cool new offerings that are further easing the move to Serverless.


The PDF is downloadable here: PubNub — API World Serverless. And want to get started with specialized FaaS? Check out how to get started with  Functions.