Joe Hanson
Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

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    The Microsoft AI platform empowers you to integrate intelligence into your apps and businesses – search, vision, translation, and chatbots to name a few. And today, Microsoft launched v3 of Translator.

    With their exciting release, we’re pleased to announce our newest Functions partnership to bring powerful language translation directly into your data streams – our new Microsoft Translator BLOCK.

    Announcing our new Microsoft Translator BLOCK

    PubNub Functions allows you to easily integrate 3rd party APIs and services into your PubNub applications by way of the BLOCKS Catalog – our collection of prebuilt microservices.

    Combined with PubNub, Translator lets you quickly and accurately translate natural text and speech into a number of different languages with no additional servers or logic required. With Functions, all language translation takes place in the network.

    Want to learn how to do it yourself? Check out Building a Multilingual Translation App with PubNub ChatEngine and Microsoft Translator, which walks through how to integrate the Translator BLOCK with a PubNub-powered chat application.

    Translation services are booming, from eLearning to eCommerce, and building the functionality into chat interfaces continues to grow in adoption.

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