Announcing ChatEngine™: The PubNub-Powered Chat Framework

Good News! We’ve launched an all new Chat Resource Center.

The SDK or APIs in this tutorial may be out of date. We recommend checking out our new Chat Resource Center, which includes overviews, tutorials, and design patterns for building and deploying mobile and web chat.

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Chat is everywhere. It’s evolved from simple private and group chat, to widespread adoption across almost every industry today. Since PubNub was born, we’ve seen the rapid growth of chat that continues to grow exponentially.

So how do you quickly develop a chat application, and how do you integrate innovative functionality like chatbots? How do you build truly programmable chat without server headaches?

Today, we’re introducing PubNub ChatEngine, an open, extensible, Javascript-based framework that helps you build chat applications and in-app chat functionality more quickly. PubNub has encapsulated our extensive chat design experience – with over 1000 chat customers, from Yelp to eBay to Pocket Gems – into ChatEngine to make it easier and faster for you to develop and deploy your chat features.

What does ChatEngine offer?

ChatEngine is a complete framework – providing the SDK, APIs, and basic UI components to build any type of chat application on any device – backed by the security, scalability and reliability of the PubNub network.

Features include all the basic functionality of chat APIs:

  • Private and Group Chat
  • Typing Indicators
  • Realtime User Status
  • Message History
  • Chatbots… and much more

But it doesn’t stop there.

What Makes ChatEngine Different From Other Chat Solutions?

You might be thinking, “cool, there are tons of other chat frameworks out there that do all this.” ChatEngine is different. First, ChatEngine runs on the reliable and scalable PubNub Network, meaning your app can handle over 1 million concurrent users in a single chat room.

Truly Programmable Chat

ChatEngine gives you true programmability via its integration with PubNub Functions, the microservices infrastructure that adds compute capabilities to the PubNub Network. With PubNub Functions, you can program logic into the network to filter, transform, augment, and react to messages in realtime without server headaches. This powerful coupling makes your chat ecosystem intelligent.

The BLOCKS Catalog also offers a variety of pre-built integrations to popular chat APIs, including:

  • Message Moderation: Monitor and filter messages with SiftNinja.
  • Auto Translation Translate messages from any language to any language with IBM Watson NLP.
  • SMS and Email Trigger SMS, email, or push notifications with RingCentral.
  • Integrate chatbots with any chatbot provider or API like IBM Watson’s Conversation.

How do I get started?

Head over to our ChatEngine Quickstart Guide and start building a chat application in <5 minutes. Or go straight to ChatEngine Documentation and check out everything ChatEngine can do.

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