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High-Quality A/V for Real-Time, Communal Experiences

2 min read Hannah Dennison on Oct 2, 2020

Capturing the energy, sense of community, and liveliness of in-person interactions is essential to making virtual experiences feel rewarding and engaging. As learning, events, gaming, and social engagements increasingly move into the virtual world, providing real-time communication tools in-app is key to giving users authentic connections and a shared sense of community. 

This increasing need to create captivating, communal virtual interactions is why we’re excited to announce our partnership and integration with Agora.  

By incorporating our Agora integration into your PubNub application, you can give your users the choice over how they can connect with their friends, family, and fellow players and fans—be it by chat, voice, or video. Giving your users multiple ways to connect, collaborate, and engage with each other makes virtual events and interactions feel captivating and genuine, making it more likely that users will continue to use and engage with your app.

A Full Communication Suite to Make Remote Interactions Truly Engaging

Our partnership with Agora gives you access to a complete suite of chat, voice, video, and streaming APIs so you can create more engaging virtual experiences for your users directly in your application. With this integration, you can deliver one-to-one or group chat and video calling, as well as live-streamed voice and video for communal, large-scale use cases like online gaming, E-Learning, live events, and social interactions like dating. 

For gaming companies, this integration makes it easy to build communications that let players connect and engage with each other in-game, rather than using third-party messaging providers. Using PubNub’s chat APIs with Agora’s voice calling, players can talk right alongside their game and engage in some friendly competition with our leaderboard, scoreboard, and message reaction features.  

Live events companies, like our joint customer LiveLike, can use this integration to create virtual events that capture the authenticity and sense of community of in-person concerts, sporting events, and more. LiveLike uses our real-time chat and message reactions alongside Agora’s video and voice chat. This allows viewers to connect with each other, larger groups, and even hosts and broadcasters in-app and right alongside the live stream of an event. 

E-Learning platforms, like Noon Academy, also benefit from our integration with Agora. For students and teachers to get the most out of their virtual learning experience, open and honest communication and feedback is crucial. Our platform provides classrooms with virtual whiteboards, real-time chat, and pop-up quizzes and questions. Combined with Agora’s video and voice calling solutions, our integration gives classrooms the real-time communication and collaboration necessary to foster quality learning.

Getting started with our Agora integration 

If you’re already building with PubNub, but could benefit from adding reliable, scalable, and interactive voice and video calling and streaming to your app—learn more about our Agora integration and how to add it to your existing application here

New to PubNub, and looking to build a real-time app that offers a full suite of engaging communication tools—from in-app chat to voice and video? Get in touch with us to learn how our real-time communication platform can be customized to serve your unique needs.