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2022 Product Year in Review

3 min read Lukasz Smacki on Dec 20, 2022

This year at PubNub, we released a number of new capabilities to ensure our customers can seamlessly build, deliver, and optimize real-time experiences at scale. 

As we look forward to 2023, we wanted to share the most exciting PubNub product releases and news from the past year. Here’s a quick rundown of our product highlights from 2022: 

Admin Portal Improvements

Enhancements were made to our Admin Portal to improve the user experience by making it more intuitive, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing. One of the updates allows customers the visibility to proactively investigate anomalies, track daily costs, and assess if these costs align with expectations. Additionally, these improvements involve: 

  • UX improvements to the usage view

  • UX improvements to the login/sign-up, functions, and debug console views

  • Month-to-date billing view

  • UX enhancement to the plan selection, payment, and invoices views

API Enhancements

Our team enhanced the performance and scalability of PubNub APIs in the area of App Context v2, Channel Groups, and others.

Business Insights - Preview

The preview version of Business Insights (BI) is now available and accessible through the PubNub Admin Portal upon request.

Business Insights automatically provides customers with actionable insights based on their PubNub data. With Business Insights, customers can gain visibility into their app usage and make data-driven decisions about their product strategy. 

Chat Solution Kit

We launched React Native Chat UI Components, a software library with pre-built UI components for developers to easily create custom chat experiences in React Native. On top of that, we added message reactions for Android Chat Components! 

You can also explore our developer resources below which encapsulate the best practices for incorporating Chat Components:

Events & Actions - Preview

The more you know about how your users are interacting in your app, the more value you can deliver to them. In the spring, Events & Actions (E&A) was released as a way to allow our customers to filter publish events by a channel, user, or by using their own search criteria, and to define a corresponding webhook action with retry logic in case of failure and extra data to be sent if needed. 

 Here’s what you can do with E&A:

  • Message publish listeners including basic filters and advanced JSON path filters

  • Webhook actions including custom headers and retry logic

  • UI to configure event listeners and corresponding actions in the Admin Portal


We also introduced numerous SDK updates to ensure high quality and uniformity of our SDKs, and that they conform to the latest development practices. These updates include: 

  • A testing library to validate SDK uniformity

  • SDKs now require UUIDs which prevents confusion and lowers customer costs by requiring a user to have a persistent identity in the system

  • Unity modernization

Security & Compliance

At PubNub, we are committed to delivering a trusted platform for our customers. To continue to make our data privacy and security practices as strong as possible, we have achieved: 

  • New ISO 27001 certification 

  • Renewed SOC 2 certification 

  • Scored “A Grade” on our annual security penetration test

What’s next?

That’s a wrap on 2022! We want to thank our entire community for joining us as we continue to invest in the tools and global infrastructure required to serve our customers.

If you want to learn more about these features or have any questions regarding how to incorporate them into your application, drop us a line

Stay tuned because we have some exciting new releases coming in the next year. We’ll see you in 2023!