Here to support the new wave of technology - Web3

As the internet changes developers must retain control over the growth and direction of their applications - PubNub is the real-time communication solution to do just that.

One platform to build all real-time social engagement features, regardless of scale

Increase adoption of your app with immersive real-time features

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Enable a bridge between what happens in the real world (inventory, price, sensor data, state changes, etc.) with what happens virtually

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Expand your app easily without having to start from scratch with a managed infrastructure that delivers unlimited scalability and multiple layers of security

Features to support your Web3 real-time interactions

Leverage Real-Time Data

Real-Time Notifications

Many Web3 products need to alert the user(s) in real-time when someone sends them a Web3 transaction, when a Web3 transaction is finished, and when the user’s wallet is updated. Since Web3 is, by design, an asynchronous set of technologies, it doesn’t have any built-in mechanism for alerting users when something has occurred. PubNub covers these real-time requirements.


Many Web3 products want a collaboration/chat layer for user-to-user communication related to Web3 use cases.

Web3 messaging with Chat Collaboration
Web3 messaging with Game Player Sync

Game Player Sync

Many Web3 products are simply games that leverage Web3 concepts, and like any other game, PubNub can be useful for synchronizing game player turn-by-turn movements, leaderboards, and other game dynamics in a scalable, compliant way.

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