Interactive real-time features that maximize audience engagement

Deliver engaging, fully-featured virtual and hybrid events to millions of attendees quickly and effortlessly

Easily engage and retain your audience

Easily engage and retain your audience

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Scale effortlessly

With unlimited concurrent users and no messaging limits, never worry if your app can handle audience or activity spikes.

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Customize completely

Deploy the specific features and experiences that will truly delight and engage your unique users, and build them on your preferred platform.

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Build quickly

Get your virtual experience app up-and-running in no time with help from our Solutions Architects, documentation, and pre-built chat component library.

See what you can create using PubNub



Try our virtual events chat demo to see how you can capture the joy and excitement of an in-person event, virtually.



Our virtual events tutorial will guide you through adding chat and reactions to a virtual event application using PubNub's Chat Components.

Features to support your audiences real-time interactions

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Private, group, and broadcaster chat

Easily build in-app chat to support your unique use case. Let fans form their own groups to capture the camaraderie of an in-person event, or allow broadcasters and hosts to interact directly with the audience—all with real-time delivery and without any messaging caps.

Unlimited conversation streams and concurrent users

Confidently create your events knowing you can include as many concurrent users in as many channels as you need and that they’ll be reliably supported through audience dips and spikes. And because there’s no caps with PubNub, there are no pricing penalties as your audience grows.

Unlimited conversation streams for appslive
Real-time profanity filtering for audience interaction

Flexible, real-time profanity filtering and translation

Don’t rely on cookie-cutter solution: whether you want to sift out and replace unwanted language by creating your own dictionary or need compliant, complex filtering for children—we have you covered. Plus, you’ll have full control over any text that passes through your platform for live translation, analysis, and more.

Live event support and insights

Access to a dedicated Event Support Team during your event alongside operational dashboards to monitor your usage, requests, and performance in real time to ensure your concert, game, or conference runs smoothly.

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Embedded video image for immersive event engagement

Embedded video

Add live video streaming of your event right alongside your in-app chat. We can support your in-house solution or you can rely on integrations with our partners.

Reactions, polls, and leaderboards

Keep your users excited and truly engaged with interactive reaction and emoji streams, polls, quizzes, and leaderboards synced in real-time to your entire audience.

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“We've delivered billions of messages through PubNub—that is something that we've been very proud of. Being able to have that reliability allows us to focus on building a great user experience without having to scale every single part of our infrastructure.”

Kyle Heller

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Veeps

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