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Push Notifications

Realtime push notifications for iOS, Android and web

How PubNub Powers Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to enhance user engagement when an app isn’t running. PubNub makes it easy and reliable to automate and send push notifications as a primary or fall-back option when an app isn’t running. Push notifications aren’t a simple plug and play solution, and once you’ve got your system up and running, is it cross-platform, cross device, reliable and actually realtime?

Realtime Signaling
Realtime Signaling
Under 250ms latency to send a message to APNS or GCM services
Cross Platform and Cross Device
Cross Platform and Cross Device
Compatible with Android, iOS and web
Large Message Size
Large Message Size
Up to 32KB of notification payload
Reliable Delivery
Reliable Delivery
Message caching ensures delivery even with unreliable mobile connections.
Enterprise-Grade Security
Enterprise-Grade Security
Powerful TLS and AES encryption ensure message security from end-to-end on PubNub’s network.

Getting Started with Push Notifications

Sending push notifications with the PubNub API is as easy as:

Check out our basic Publish/Subscribe tutorial and see how the API works.
Sign up for a Pubnub account and get your keys. Our sandbox tier is free, so test away!
Download the SDK in the language of your choice ( we have 70+ )
Check out one of our full tutorials, or head over to the docs and build your app from scratch.

Resources to Help Get Started with Push Notifications

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