Call Center

Make customer support experiences efficient and seamless with PubNub

Orchestrate voice and video calls plus full-featured chat, moderation, data/event streaming, triggering of chatbots, time-sensitive alerts/notifications, and more.

Kustomer Delivers Seamless Support Experiences

Redefine customer experience using PubNub

Implement reliable and scalable chat and real-time features to interact with and resolve customer requests quickly and easily

PubNub provides reliable chat functionality with the flexibility to add features such as presence detection, alerts, and push notifications that create a customized experience for your end users. PubNub’s reliability can cut the time customers wait in queues, help with routing and optimize business processes.

Ensure security and compliance while handling high volumes of support needs 

End-to-End compliance for HIPAA, ISO and similar regulatory compliances provide secure support for your team and your end users. Customer support data can be sensitive - including addresses, payment info, etc. With PubNub, you can give customers the security they expect in the modern era while handling their concerns in a compliant way.

Enable third party integrations to take your user experience to the next level

Through PubNub’s third party integrations, you can add audio and video, language translation, chatbots, text-to-speech and more. These pre-built integrations give you the flexibility to create the customer experience that increases return shoppers, decreased wait time and increased brand perception. that is needed for you.

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