Common Use Cases for Realtime Applications

Whether you are building a chat app, a home automation solution or multiplayer game, today’s users expect interactions to happen instantly. Read how other developers have used PubNub’s easy to use APIs to quickly implement secure, collaborative features in a variety of realtime apps that have gained massive traction.

Internet of Things Secure Messaging
Secure, realtime communication for the Internet of Things.
Secure Chat for Mobile and Web
Build one-on-one or group realtime chat for Mobile or Web.
Realtime Dashboards
Take any data stream and display it on a live updating graph or dashboard.
iOS and Android Push Notifications
Push notifications for content and updates to online and offline users.
Multiplayer Games Synchnization
Deploy MMO games to millions of users.
Smart Home Secure Device Signaling
Signal and trigger device actions based on geolocation, time preferences, etc.
WebRTC and VoIP Signaling
Signal between devices to open a connection in under a 1/4 of a second.
Remote Device Control for IoT
Use a smartphone or tablet to control TVs, computers, and other media devices.
Realtime Geolocation, Geofencing and Mapping
Realtime mapping and triggering of events based on location.
Realtime Transporation and Logistics Tracking
Track geolocation and trigger dispatch events in realtime.
iBeacon Secure Communication
Build smarter beacons with bi-directional communication.
Secure Communication for Wearables
Signal and stream data between wearable connected devices.
Global Communications for Connected Car
Enable messaging and response between dispatch and vehicles.
Live Auctions, Inventory and Price updates for Retailers
Provide up to the millisecond updates for users.
Secure Data Streams for Financial Data
Publish information by the millisecond to thousands of devices simultaneously.
Live Interactive Audience Participation
Engage with in-stadium and online audiences with interactive content.
Second Screen - Live Polls, Trivia and Ads
Publish interactive content for TV viewers using their mobile app.
Live Blogging and Polls for Web and Mobile
Publish live updates, push widgets and realtime polls to a single blog.

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