Data Sheet

PubNub for Digital Health & Fitness

Quickly deliver high-quality patient experiences and care with real-time HIPAA-compliant features.
PubNub for Digital Health & Fitness

Real-time communication is crucial for enhancing patient care and optimizing operations. PubNub offers a powerful platform that enables healthcare providers to integrate HIPAA-compliant real-time messaging, notifications, and streaming capabilities into their systems. 

Ensure timely patient-provider interactions, improve coordination among healthcare teams, and facilitate the seamless exchange of critical health data, transforming the efficiency and quality of healthcare services provided.

HIPAA-Compliant In-App Messaging: Enhance coordination and patient response times by instantly communicating critical information among medical teams or between patient and clinician.

Security: Ensure HIPAA-compliant protection of sensitive patient data with end-to-end encryption.

Mobile Push Notifications: Improve engagement and adherence to treatment plans with timely alerts and reminders to patients and staff.

Multi-Platform Support: Seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems across all devices, ensuring consistent communication.

Presence Indicators: Streamline decision making and know when patients are in virtual waiting rooms or who is available in real-time for urgent consultations or emergency situations.

Access Control: Maintain compliance and security with granular access management so only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Audit Trails: Track communications and data access for compliance auditing and security monitoring with detailed logging capabilities.